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Reverse Mortgages from Acre Mortgage are Helping Seniors Meet Their Financial Needs

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Many Senior Americans have felt the pinch from the recent banking and investment crisis. We are most certainly in a recession and it has caused all our retirement nest eggs to shrink. The good news is for many seniors there is still a safe haven in which they can draw money to offset the losses to their retirement accounts. The safe haven I’m talking about is your home equity. A Reverse Mortgage from Acre Mortgage allows you to safely tap into your home equity so you can weather these tough times.

Most seniors purchased their homes long before home values began to skyrocketing in the late 90’s. Even with the recent housing crisis most seniors have considerable equity in their homes. Now is an excellent time for seniors to access that equity via a Reverse Mortgage and use that money in the years that they need it the most and not have to worry about paying it back in their lifetime.

If you know someone 62 years or older that owns their home and is struggling to make their payments you should have them contact us immediately to discuss how a Reverse Mortgage can help. Just click here to fill out our loan quote request form for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with one of our loan officers, or call us at 1-866-377-2111.

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