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Computer science as a significant scientific field of the Informational Age

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Computer science as a significant scientific field of the Informational Age

Computer science is comparatively young; its foundations were established during the development and invention of the up-to-date digital computer. Thus, this study comprises theory, experimental branch and engineering part that shape the basis of the computer design and its usage.

Therefore, theoretical approach of the computer science includes specification of the common factors of information creation, its modification, transferring, representation, usage and storage in different spheres of human activities.

Practical part covers the development of the effective methods and procedures (algorithms) for the information process fulfillment, which optimize scientific communication within the science or between science and production. In other words it is the scientific field that deals with the theoretical and practical parts of automating of the algorithmic processes, namely computation and design of computational systems.

Contribution to the society and science

Being a young science with the short history, computer science has made a real breakthrough and contribution to the current period in history of human life called the Informational Age. Thus, computer science brought Informational revolution with the Internet, programming languages, computer graphics and artificial intelligence. All these things stimulate our life to change in high gear and bring a lot of innovations to all spheres and sciences.

Types of papers that can be requested for sale

Academic works in computer science are mostly practical assignments. However, there can be theoretical reportsconcerning history and development of computer science as a field of study, classification into different fields or assessments of its contribution into the science and society. Preparation of these reports requires theoretical processing of the information with no practical application of the skills.
Practical papers and assignments can have a different level of complexity. The most primitive and uncomplicated papers are the following:

  • Slides for PowerPoint presentation. Usually this task requires no deep knowledge in the subject, so it can be performed within short deadlines for a moderate price. Thus you can request a presentation of a high quality with effects of any complexity and receive the accomplished work only in a couple of days.
  • Data base creation. The task can be performed in different programs. Data base creation starts with its design with the name and primary keys and external keys. All this takes much of time so the work can be prepared at the average during the period of 5 days.
  • Programming in different programming languages. This task requires the knowledge and skills of using different programming languages, such as ? , Basic, VB, VBA, Delphi, Pascal, Java, ERwin, BPwin etc. Sometimes such tasks can be a starter for the term paper or the graduation work.

In a job hunt, a considerable amount of effort should be put into choosing an appropriate type of the cover letter. Your next step in this direction depends on what you are looking for: an application or a search assistance. There are letters, composed exclusively to help with the search, and ones, aimed to impress an employer directly.

Types of letters and specification

To write an outstanding cover letter, you should follow a specific structure, which generally includes a salutation section, your qualifications and a polite sign off. We cannot say this is a universal tip for job hunters across the world, as hiring managers may have other requirements on mind, but the mentioned information should be sufficient for a start.

Individual customizing

There are no small choices when it comes to writing a cover letter, and every word matters. For a start, you should know the letter is usually accompanied by a resume, and can earn you extra points for being sharp and witty.

Each cover letter that you write has to be individually customized to exceed the manager’s expectations. It also has to be tailored according to the job description.
Make sure your descriptions are clear and concise. If you are specific about your objectives and motivations, the hiring manager will see your determination and eventually choose you. Do not be afraid to include the latest achievements and career accomplishments, as they can make a difference in the selection process.

Parts of the cover letter

A cover letter includes three parts that define the general structure and are as follows:

  • Salutation. Whether you work with the hard copy of the letter or send it by e-mail, you have to pay attention to greetings. A formal salutation is going to show your enthusiasm and readiness to cooperate with the employer.
  • In the body of the cover letter, you provide the manager with the reasons you decided to apply for a job. You should also include a respectable amount of personal information, like what you have to offer to the company of your dreams and the follow-up activities as well.
  • Sign-off. Cover letter closings should be professional and friendly. Find the sample of the appropriate sign-off and treat your future employer with respect. You don’t have to be overly wordy or beat around the bush too much, just ensure you sound polite and respectful to the hiring manager.

E-mail checklists

Before you send a cover letter to your employer, check it twice to make sure it’s grammar-free. Next, read the job ad and the description to get a clear impression of the company’s requirements. Edit the proof my essay cover letter to match the requirements, if necessary. There is nothing wrong in skipping one piece of information or the other for the sake of clear formatting.

You should follow the employer’s guidelines and start a correspondence if there are issues that need to be set between you and the management. In case you are confused about the introduction or a sign-off, read this checklist and contact the interviewer to get a grip on the details. You can practice by creating your own cover letters and storing them on your computer.

Take the time to know the company you are applying to, their rules and regulations. Talking to a manager may prove to be beneficial, as you will have to contact the employees sooner or later to get what you need. Personalizing is another key point, as you address the person directly and use names instead of generic and gender-neutral constructions. Remember to thank your hiring managers for being patient enough to read your letter and respond to it according to the company’s standards.

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